Welcome to Kprise

Are your IT costs spinning out of control? Is your company experiencing downtime and customer dissatisfaction? Are you utilizing your technology investment to the fullest? Kprise was created to solve these and many other issues that a small to medium non-profit organization is faced with.

Kprise focuses on providing affordable and customized web solutions to the non-profit sector. Our products are tailor made for the non-profit organizations. We utilize technology to automate and streamline business processes to improve your business by giving you and your customers access to the latest technology while staying with in your budget.

At every level, our solutions are deployed creatively to help you improve performance and lower operational costs. We’ll help train your staff, find money-saving efficiencies in your technology infrastructure, assist you with purchasing and procurement (finding you discounts you didn’t know existed), develop database applications to help you serve your clients more effectively, provide on-site or remote tech support as you need it, whenever you need it, and much more.

Kprise has helped number of non-profits improve business, improve & increase staff productivity, improve sales & training by utilizing the MyPass CRM & LMS