We believe in Adaptive Outsourcing by taking a more fluid approach where the client benefits with added business value and structured innovation leading to better partnerships. Check out our options and features included.

Kprise provides incredibly especially extremely beautiful and fully responsive work.

We mainly offer a product called MyPass. This is a unique CRM built for non-profits which has a built in LMS. This solves the problem which most organizations face of data not being availalble in a single application. MyPass is an eneterprsie level CRM currently being used by a number of major non-profit enteties

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By deploying live chat agents on your website, we convert anonymous traffic to hot leads. Increase sales and customer delight.

SEO Services

By creatively crafting campaigns, we drive traffic to your website. Speak with our digital consultants for a free site audit.

Website Support

By being your webmasters, we maintain your web infra while you scout for new opportunities.

MyPass CRM

With MyPass CRM software you benefit from a large enterprise system built with a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) focus and price – this complete solution will bring greater clarity and more informed decision making across your entire business.

MyPass LMS

MyPass LMS gives you the flexibility to create and deliver courses in way that suits your needs while also automating much of the time consuming administration.

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At every level, our solutions are deployed creatively to help you improve performance and lower operational costs. We’ll help train your staff, find money-saving efficiencies in your technology infrastructure, assist you with purchasing and procurement (finding you discounts you didn’t know existed), develop database applications to help you serve your clients more effectively, provide on-site or remote tech support as you need it, whenever you need it, and much more.

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