There’s a huge value to invest in certification services for any organization. In a crowded forum, taking time to achieve compliance with standard certification will help organizations to stand out in front of their competition.

Partner Certification

Kprise increased SBCA’s efficiency with its unique training and certification platform. We provided SBCA up-to-date tools and technical strategies that helped them to train and certify their partners, such as Direct Tv & Dishnet.

Teacher Certification

Kprise is helping American Board gain competitive edge over its competitors across the world with its unique platform. Our solution helped American Board clients to demonstrate commitment to understanding and excelling in their profession. Kprise platform is SCORM compliant and capable of hosting quizzes , initial certification and much more. We can  seamlessly interface with proctored exam systems such as Pearson and are delivering over 80 different types of certifications for American Board.

Healthcare Professional Certification

ToothCe is committed to help its clients to expand knowledge and skills with updated industry information or techniques. Kprise solution has helped ToothCe to be more efficient and match industry standards.

Legal & Compliance Certification

Kprise with its Fully Customizable Cloud platform has helped several organizations to seamlessly conduct their Legal & Compliance certification requirements.

Whether you’re in one of the industries mentioned above, or another altogether, Kprise can help. Kprise is currently helping Education, Satellite & Healthcare industries and are happy to expand it to various industries. We are confident of this as we adhere to scalable, repeatable processes that deliver accurate results every time. 

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