Ensuring Continuity in Training & Certification in the Age of COVID-19 with Kprise’s MyPass LMS

The COVID-19 has forced the majority of the firms to work remotely. Apart from the health crisis, the situation has caused immense job loss, reduced productivity due to disruptions in the employees’ work methods, increased stress, and reduced number of working hours. However, an effective LMS can help you to meet the challenges in this time of crisis. MyPass LMS is a scalable, affordable, full-spectrum cloud-based LMS, which extends learning beyond physical training and enables organizations to mitigate critical gaps in online training and certification.

Let us see the best LMS implementation strategy you can use to manage learning among the workforce in the current pandemic situation:

1. Create an implementation strategy –

It is always wise to design an LMS implementation strategy in advance. This will permit you to create the right team at work, get their opinions, and ensure that you can finally deploy the LMS you planned to purchase. Kprise’s MyPass LMS ensures a smooth implementation set up with your team and our experts hand-hold you through the strategy-formulation process.

2. Organize a team for the administration of the project –

Deploy a small group of people who will administer the whole system and be in touch with the LMS team at Kprise. My Pass LMS provides live chat and hassle-free phone call service for ticket generation and resolution, available to you 24/7 so that your staff can sail through tech glitches smoothly.

3. Design a realistic timeline –

Ensure that you have enough time for the LMS to be implemented and show results. Your team should also be made aware of the timeline. Request their patience to bear with the small initiation phase when the LMS is just kicking off. Kprise’s team of MyPass LMS will walk with your team right from contract signing to the first successful course completion.

4. Ensure that the selected LMS works for your company’s purposes –

Make sure that the LMS you implement works for your company’s needs. Kprise’s MyPass LMS is customizable to meet the unique needs of your organization. It is also scalable to handle the complex problems of your organization.

5. Be clear about your goals –

You must be clear about your goals and expectations before you implement the new LMS. MyPass LMS combines technology with an in-depth understanding of the human learning process. It creates an effective learning environment by leveraging the exact features based on your company’s goals.

If your organization has not opted for MyPass LMS yet, this is a great time to set the wheels in motion! Remember that time is of great importance amid the current pandemic situation. So, adopt MyPass LMS which is user-friendly, cloud-based and fully customizable with need-based third-party integrations. Learn more about LMS here.