Now, we are equipped to handle the constantly evolving needs of our clients and partners across various industries, like:

Satellite Broadcasting

Kprise leads the industry in the testing & certification, with its inbuilt testing suite. Our advanced capabilities coupled with full customization and personalized testing makes us a platform like no other with over 200k active users for SBCA. We have Successfully helped SBCA to scale its testing and certification goals for their customers & partners. 


Testing is an important tool for teachers, administrators, and education officials. This process is the backbone of any education system and helps to analyze the skills. Kprise is helping American Board with their efforts to certify teachers across the globe to upgrade the quality of education. Our features have helped their needs anytime, anywhere with zero hassle


Continuing education is an all-encompassing term within a broad list of post-secondary learning activities and programs. We are setting up ToothCe to help Dental Clinics across the country who are in need of continued education

Kprise is helping with testing and certification for 

  • OSHA Program
  • HIPPA/TX HB 300 Program
  • Infection Control Program

Our solution is Location-independent cloud platform – train & certify anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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